Imagination to Capture

Passion to Create.

Video Production Chicago

We are Storytellers and just plain nerds.

Brands deserve to have their stories told through fun and engaging content; that’s where our filmmaking comes in with creativity, strategy and whole lot of punch.

“Cutting-edge” to us means cutting sales and getting rid of it all together.

Let’s face it – the majority of the video content out there feels outdated and salesy. So our approach is documentaries (that’s where we started originally) and all else just follows.

Let’s zoom in the lens and find intimacy.

Viewers connect on an emotional level, being storytellers, we understand that better than anything else we do… But then we get to the editing room and nerd-out on zesty effects and feel-good-editing to the music. Can you tell we love our job?

We're Professional Storytellers who know the science of the mind, with lots of Nerd Tech to Geek out on!

Brands deserve to have their stories told through fun and engaging content; that’s where our filmmaking comes in with strategy, creativity and a lot of passionate energy .

“Imagination to Capture was amazing in their abilities to capture what we were wanting to create. Their work was very professional, very timely, of the highest quaility and Dmitri was a joy to work with. I highly recommend his services!” Mike Siri

Executive Director, The Relationship Center



This is our Craft. We don’t just jump in and make videos that feel like sales. We go after telling a story. People love an intimate story that they can connect with; so that’s where we start.

Vision Building

Our team makes your concept come to life. We provide creative and innovative ideas based on the image or theory you bring us.


We explain the process ‘of video creation’ from the shot lists to final delivery. Authenticity is important to your project with the look/feel and the creative ideas we come up with; so, we take our time with research, selection of background music and (depending on your project) development of questions for the interviews.

Filming & Editing

Full-Service Video Production is what we handle with the right camera look, crisp sound and perfectly picked locations. We take editing, music selection and creative-flow to the next level with Post Production and Sound Design; this stage gets us really excited.

Motion Graphics

Your brand might call for that extra zest that energizes the film or just makes your logo come to life. That’s where we come in with Animation, VFX, and 2D/3D CGI. Our team is perfectly equipped to handle entire video animations.

Aerial Visuals

This is a must when the story calls for a breathtaking visual of the land by a quadcopter “drone”. We practice safe, common sense flying and are trained and commercially licensed.

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