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Dmitri Yakovlev

Dmitri Yakovlev

Video Producer, Owner

I simply love being a producer. I picked up my first camera when I was 7 and it just took off from there: home videos, skate videos, family photoshoots, animations.. I love it all, and so, storytelling became a cornerstone of my life.

After working some years in corporate, I decided to go back to my creative roots; this experience gave me a wealth of knowledge to carryover to the video industry and help brands tell their stories visually.

I built Imagination to Capture to bring stories to life in the form of breathtaking art and media. Whether it’s a narrative story, a commercial, docu brand film or a creative idea that we “thought of on the spot”, I get really excited to produce from the first meeting to the final delivery.

Say hi – I am dmitri@imaginationtocapture.com

As a brand “Imagination to Capture” is geared towards creating awesome videos that people can connect with and appreciate! We endeavor a truly unique look — it’s what makes us get up in the morning, and not only that but excited to get up!!

Your brand and product will stand out because of our creative and cinematic technique to producing fresh and relevant content; and also because we love that feeling of “this one is even better than the last!”

We love mastering something new and challenging. Without obstacles, we feel like our jobs would be meaningless. There is always so much to learn when facing challenges and that’s one of our greatest strengths! Solutions! Which helps us perfect our creative approach to the video market and at being experts in producing the perfect media for your brand. We definitely aren’t “know it alls”; we are constantly learning from experience and teaming up with your creatives and marketing team personnel, to make the project successful.

One last thing we’ll add is that: when you see us working on set, we’ll typically look like we are having a ton of fun, but we are hard at work and able to stay on schedule, all to our personal approach to documenting, which in result has been proven to make non-actors feel comfortable and do well on camera. With over 10 years of creative, narrative and commercial experience, we feel like we can say that we are experts in making the processes and experience feel like it was easy.

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