Imagination to Capture

is made up of two people who love each other and art: Kristina & Dmitri Yakovlev. We are parents, coffee addicts, spontaneous actors, goof balls and visionaries.

Dmitri Yakovlev

Co-Founder - Artist

I am a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in creating dramatic scenes of people, CGI concepts, graphic design and products.

I’m a business enthusiast and an artist; never knew how to pick just one. I have been passionate about the arts since I was 10 in drama, painting and singing. I picked up my first camera when I was 12 and it just took off from there; skate videos, family photoshoots.. I loved video games from the age of 4… I mean LOOOVED vg’s.. so the digital arts, photo manipulation and video editing just came to me in common sense. From an early age two of my music videos have been on MTV and I’ve worked for 2 of Chicago’s largest wedding studios as a photo and video editor. Through my career and education, I learned business and psychology. But I still wanted to create one day; so “Life” brought me back to facing the art skills that have been instilled in me from the beginning. I started this company because I really love what I do, I can’t help it. When I plan a project; I strategize the potential, highest in the -artistic, psychological and business- perspective. This makes me good at what I do and I am excited to be able to work on the next big project for you. Everyday I am grateful to be able to do what I do. Thank you for visiting my website; if you’d like to connect, I am more than keen to.

Imagination to Capture the team who endeavors a truly unique look for you and your product as a commercial photographer, advertising agency, video production service and art work. We love the way our talents fit and made us whole: Kristina is the dreamer/visionary and Dmitri is the strategist/executor; but we still tell each other what to do all the time. The best part about our job is approaching a task we suck at. There is so much to learn and that’s our greatest skill, (learning).

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