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Why we do this:

The best part about our job is approaching a task we suck at. There is always so much to learn and that’s our greatest skill! Which helps us perfect our creative approach to the chicago video production market and at being experts in producing the right media for your brand with the right amount of attitude.

For you, we endeavor a truly unique look. Your brand and product will stand out because of our creative talent in writing and storytelling. Our technical expertise is unique and equipped to handle small to mid-large productions. We will be posting our projects here; whether they are for fun, professional or just plain ridiculous.

Thank you for your interest in Imagination to Capture.

Our Video Skills:
  • Video Production | Post Production | Managing | Directing
  • Advertising and Commercial Videography
  • Creative Filmmaking and Writing
  • Storyboarding | Script Writing
  • Audio/Voice-Over
  • Sound Design | SFX
  • Website Background Video (HTML5 video)
  • Animation | Motion Graphics
  • VFX
  • CGI | 3D

We are always doing our best with keeping this page up to date. So let us know if you are looking for examples of work more specific to your inquiry and we’ll send you something fitting: email

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