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Who we are and why we do video

Founded in 2015 by Dmitri Victor, Indrik is geared towards creating awesome videos that people can connect with and appreciate! We endeavor a truly unique look — it’s what makes us excited every day.

With over 10 years of creative, narrative and commercial experience, we can say that we are experts in making the creative processes feel easy.

Our love for the craft is why our quality stands out. When you see us working on set, we’ll typically look like we are having a ton of fun, but we are hard at work and on schedule. Our fun attitude has coincidentally proven to make non-actors feel comfortable and do well on camera; this helps because we tend to film a lot of corporate video.

We love mastering something new and challenging. Without obstacles, we feel like our jobs would be meaningless. There is always so much to learn when facing challenges and that’s one of our greatest strengths! Solutions! Which helps us perfect our creative approach to the video market, and keep the title of ‘experts’ when producing the perfect media for your brand. But we definitely aren’t “know it alls”; we are constantly learning from experience and teaming up with your marketing team and creatives, to make the project successful.

Dmitri Victor

Dmitri Victor

Executive Producer, Founder

Telling a good story, was always a cornerstone of my life. I grew up watching my dad quote famous authors and tell rich and exciting wilderness tales; when we moved to America, it was a necessity to recap, to my friends, the best and worst, of why and how we ended up here. It meant so much to me, when I’d see my audience captivated and engaged; in fact it brings a smile to my face as I write this.

I picked up my first camera when I was 7 and it just took off from there: skate videos, family photoshoots, stop motion.. as a teen I was a bit of an undercover-nerd, and so the tech became a fun escape to geek out on. Almost right away, I felt the feeling of “story is everything” and fell in love with the craft of visual storytelling.

My career originally took off in the early days of my young adulthood with two music videos landing on MTV2 and MTVU. I developed an appreciation for the study of psychology and went down the corporate route eventually. But ultimately I saw that bringing my experience to the video industry and helping brands tell their stories in fun and engaging ways, is the path I was working towards all along.

Building Indrik was beautiful and difficult; I created the company to help clients who are looking to elevate their brand and/or solve their video problems. When I say problem, what that means is: you (as the client) have a great product and you know you need content, and you are wondering how do you connect those two dots. This is what I do best; by conceptualizing and developing stories for your product or service and then bringing it to life in the form of breathtaking art, media and digital assets.

This highly competitive industry is exciting and I’ve had the pleasure of working with corporations of sizes from Multinational to medium sized family owned. I manage teams in fast moving environments, while facilitating a cheerful work setting.

Collaborate with me, it would be nice to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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