In the midst of the pandemic, one of our clients reached out and asked to do a docuseries, but remotely (avoiding contact altogether) and keeping costs low while delivering with great quality. Quickly we put together a blueprint for an all-in-one-case product, that can be shipped to our interviewee and then shipped back while charging and uploading clips to the cloud. A few months we had a new product — a cool little kit for shooting high quality video at your small business — and later announced and called this product @GotThisVideo on Facebook, and have been developing it ever since.

It comes with everything needed, iPhone12 Pro, boom microphone, lavaliere mic, light and even it’s own built in batter pack for charging while in shipping.
Remote video shooting for corporate

In the middle of the 2020 Covid pandemic, we started seeing many small businesses hurting and going into survival mode. It was painful to watch and we felt in our hearts that something must be done. At our parent company Indrik LLC, we’ve worked with many big businesses on marketing content, and knew that having consistent marketing content on social media is a way to stay on top during these uncertain times; but small businesses don’t have the funds for video crews, costly editing rates and all the other nuances that come along with a production. Suddenly, a project fell in our laps that had this very challenge – which we solved by designing a remote product based on the iPhone 12 pro, and are now eager to bring this tool to you and every small business in the United States, shipped right to your door.

GTV is designed for the small business owner, to obtain great marketing content, at affordable rates, anywhere in the U.S. – all through our personally designed, easy to use, Video Kit. We’ll give you a simple template of what kind of videos to shoot. On the back-end, we’ll take care of editing, and send you a link to download your ready to use videos for your social media posts.

Our mission is to provide access to great video marketing content for every small business, so you can do well.

We wish you all the best in ’21/’22!

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