Coffee Chat with a Black Colleague

“We are living in generational defining times. We have a collective opportunity to create a more equitable society, and to drive diversity into every crevice of our marketplace. To engage in dialogue that brings forth discomfort in order to drive change now and for the next generation. If this moves you share it! But don’t stop there, take time to reflect, identify what moved you, heart stirring is good, but action behind is better. We ALL can champion this work. Take time to listen to black stories, honor your black colleagues by identifying how you can champion them. Move from sympathy to empathy by listening, and increasing your understanding. We are the change we seek, vulnerability is power (be open in the comments below), failing is temporary, love and impact last forever.”
– Nosa Eguae
Follow Nosa’s journey:

From the producer/director:
“Nosa and I have been meeting bi-weekly, on zoom, for a virtual coffee, since the quarantine started. Quite frankly, we knew almost nothing of one another and there was no real reason for us to meet, other than the willingness to learn more about each other’s differences and the longing to get out a little from the cooped routine. Through our virtual coffees, and the development of the ‘black lives matter’ movement, something started stirring inside of both of us.. Nosa was inspired and started writing a script; and I came along side him to help tell the story.
I’m so excited to bring this episode to you.
It’s crucial that we talk, and have conversation, no matter how socially awkward it may feel. Let go of these customary social norms, that hold us down. Open up and talk… Accept that you might judge or that you might of fallen silent at times; and embrace your neighbor’s differences and different views. It’ll take time, but trust the process. When you love all of your neighbors, you will start to think as one body and your neighborhood will start to prosper in a new way. When many neighborhoods prosper, the whole region will grow.. and then the entire planet. The work is among us. Open up that dialogue and have a coffee chat.”
– Director, Dmitri Yakovlev

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