I really love speaking-events but this was my first time taking professional headshots at one –

I had a bunch of fun and am looking to get into more of these. Everyone needs a good LinkedIn photo, hopefully you’ll be able to catch me next time and get one.

This event was more or less motivational speaking, titled Facts & Fallacies of Exponential Growth by David Wilkinson and his company Global Equipping Centre, GEC.

You have to watch David speak if you do remotely anything managerial; I always get boosted up.

So here are some of my picks of the the attendees that wanted to get their professional headshots taken by me:


I thought about how I can brand and make these photos [imaginative] but didn’t have as much as an epiphany. So I adequately freshened and sharpened them up, as any event that I would do.

Bryon’s BEARD! I mean amirite? You don’t see that good of beards even on bikers.

Actually, I started volunteering with GEC when I met David’s son Dan on the media team at the church that we both go to. We were volunteering in video production, he was on the robot camera.

I was on my probation at the time; they we’re making sure I wasn’t going to steal anything.


GEC is educational motivational speaking for business owners and executives. We shoot live events every month or so, for the use of executive training in South Africa.

David is an executive coach and also does personal business mentoring for clients. He is a published author and has trained Fortune 500 Executives at the Global Automotive Conference.. check out his site if you’re interested.



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