“Your focus determines your reality.”

– Qui-Gon Jinn

So that’s how I ran with it! Or maybe it was more like..

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

– Yoda


Star Wars Themed Photoshoot – Themed photography is our calling.

I had a ton of fun putting together this piece with a happy customer.



let me start of with my son, Andrei; this is how every photoshoot usually starts.

He is my stand-in [usually] and he often knows the theme of the shoot happening that day. So here he is wearing his Darth Vader shirt with his sword that we acquired from an overpriced street vendor; ugh I shouldn’t say that, they have to make a living too. Carry on; in that photo you will find him in his villain face. I only asked him to stand there for 5 minutes, so I can find my lighting feel and brightness. Andrei has a talent for getting into character, whether it’s a character he is exhibiting for entertainment or his demand for some’thing’ that’s causing enough agony and desperation to flip the ‘on-stage’ switch. With no exaggeration, almost always, he’s quite the performer.

So our Guests Arrived

I met the star and his Mom; Liam and Caitlyn, good people with whom we(Kristina and I) spent last weekend’s halloween with. I went about my business, quickly afterwards:

  1. turned on some Star Wars music on Youtube
  2. flipped on the fan on setting two
  3. that’s about it..
  4. ..oh right I need my Nikon

Let’s get Started

In the first few snaps I had the one and then took a few portrait shots. Here’s the before and after will follow..


This kid was a natural, I almost hated to let them go so soon, but I had to because it was time to start editing.

The Editing Room

I won’t go into too much detail here, other than the fact that my favorite part of theme photography.. [rant time]or creative photography or whatever you call it.. if anyone knows please tell me because maybe you guys are searching something different on google and I’m over here having too much time on my hands with writing blogs and not shooting.. 

whew.. can you italicize that much text? I should just do an AdWords study and be done with it; but for the purpose of complaining without lying, I’ll stick with this for now.

[I’m back] ..is the compositing part of theme/creative/super-duper photography. Mainly because I find it easy. Here is the finished backdrop.

  • I started with the window, It needed drama and backstory, so an Imperial Star Destroyer was okay here
  • I thought a platform, for him to stand on, was necessary but wanted it to be lit red from the bottom
    • I also wanted it to have a sort of Tron look, so I went with the LED light stripes
  • two minions with sabers drawn was absolutely crucial

Star Wars Themed Photoshoot, Imagination to Capture takes themed photography to a personal level with custom photoshoot themes.

Imagination to Capture takes themed photography to a personal level with custom photoshoot themes.

Bam! I think I will just show you the finished pieces from here on down.

Man, I am HAPPY with the turnout. What I look for when I am ‘done’ is the point before it starts to pass the ‘personal to the individual’ look. It needs to be COOL but not where you forget that it’s you or your son/daughter. Unless of course you request it, in that case I will go crazy.

Briefly on the main points:

  • I left Liam’s eyes somewhat visible, I thought it was cute and personal
  • Vader has a nice blue light ray here, from the top, that is also the aura around him
  • His saber needed the proper treatment and more
  • Tons of touch ups on the costume to look more realistic
    • Dimly lit buttons
    • Dark/light overlays on clothing and gadgets
  • Light spills and reflections are all over him to bring it all together
    • Notice the shoes

I always do one portrait photo afterwards in the same fashion.

Almost no manipulating on the subject, other than the background and a few overlay(color) touch-ups. That way the parents have a good complimentary portrait shot to go along with the theme.

New customers might be curious to know if I will do the same theme for them:

  • The answer is Yes, this will run you much cheaper and I’m happy you liked the first round of the theme

Will I do the same theme but slightly different

  • Of course this is what I live for
  • throw whatever at me, themed group shoot for your wedding or engagement, sweet
  • prices vary with custom shoots

Thanks for reading my Star Wars Themed Photoshoot blog and if you want to know more about my photography check out the link below.

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